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Welcome to the Grace Hospital website. We hope this website will help you see our passion to help those that society has overlooked. Please feel free to explore this website, immerse yourself in the stories of the lives that have been changed, and be inspired as you read about the work of the dedicated and selfless people that are making it all happen.

Our goal for 2014 is to find 100 people to get on board with us financially. Just $50 per month from 100 people will help us reach this goal and provide the hospital with some financial stability. With this we can hire more doctors, expand our outreach programs to villages, and provide superior health care to a region sadly lacking in good facilities. Please visit the "How to Give" section and find how to get involved.

Update: November 2014

The time has come for me to keep you somewhat up to date on the goings-on in India at Grace Hospital. Attached is a newsletter covering our latest endeavour.

Things could be better at the hospital. We are presently without a doctor. It is a real challenge to attract an educated professional to this part of rural India. We are looking for a qualified person with a heart to help regardless of the personal sacrifices. This is a hard combination to find. In February of 2015, Laura and I will be going to India, in part to see if we can find a doctor that will meet our needs.

Once we overcome this hurdle, we can get on with the business of being a better health care facility. Our future plans include setting up a regional network of community health care workers to attend to needs in the more remote village locations. Our role will be training and medical support. Along with this, we hope to expand our work in the maternity field.

It is never easy or uncomplicated working in India or in health care. The challenge is big but the results are worth the effort. Thanks again for taking part in this and we will continue to make every effort to honour your contributions.

Download the latest newsletter here.

Our Work

Almost two million people live in more than 300 villages in the Greater Navapur area and surrounding districts. Tragically, the vast majority of these people belong to the poorest classes of society and as such are often considered to be lower than animals. In a country where up to 40% of the population live below the poverty line, physical needs are tremendous - in fact, they are beyond description. Medical services, that we take for granted, such as acute care, emergency medicine, pediatric services and labour and delivery are basically non-existent. They have had no access to decent medical facilities. Until now!

In 2011, Grace Hospital opened its doors to provide care for those in the Nandurbar District of Maharastra, 333 kilometers north of Mumbai. The hospital was established as part of the ongoing work of the Native Missionary Movement in this area. The goal of the hospital is to provide free health care to those who would otherwise go without help for lack of money. We want to be the hands and feet of Jesus and show His love in a meaningful way through competent and compassionate care without distinction of class.

Health care work in this area is a challenge to say the least and presents complexities that are not often encountered in most regions of the world. Money and time are in scarce supply among the villagers that we are working with. Most villagers cannot afford the cost of travel to the hospital nor can they afford to be away from their farms and jobs long enough to get help. As a result, a lot of our work involves outreach to the surrounding villages on a regular basis to address their health care where they live. Through 2012 to the end of 2013, we conducted over 50 outreach camps treating over 5,500 people in the communities where they live. From this number several were transferred to the hospital with serious concerns that needed further treatment. The outreach work is carried out by our native hospital staff using vehicles donated by Canadian churches.

Presently the hospital is prepared, in regards to space, for up to 50 patients. Due to a lack of funds, that level of use is yet to be obtained. With our present staff and resources we are equipped for and have been handling labour and delivery, minor surgical cases, on-site pharmacy, and outpatient clinics. We are blessed with a well-equipped lab and can do simple tests on site. We also have an x-ray facility which at this time is still film based and requires the images to be processed in a dark room. As more funding comes available, we will be able to expand our lab capability, digitalize our x-ray and hire more staff. Our long term goals include more foreign surgical camps, dental care, a blood bank and branch offices in surrounding cities.


How to Give

For 2014, we’re hoping to find 100 people that will get on board with us. Just $50 per month from 100 people will get us to our first goal and provide the hospital with some financial stability. With this we can hire more doctors, expand our outreach programs to villages, and provide superior health care to a region that sadly lacks for good facilities.

Native Missionary Movement is a registered Canadian Charity BN 896568417RR0001.

The best way to give is to go to Once you are there, enter the charity name Native Missionary Movement and click on “search”. When the search is complete click, on “View Profile”. From here you can set up a monthly donation. Just follow the directions on the website. In the message box, please be sure to write “Grace Hospital”. CanadaHelps will automatically process this monthly once you have set it up. They will also send you a receipt every month. This process takes about 5 minutes to set up initially. The buttons on this site link directly to the NMM page.

If you have questions or would like to let us know of your support, please email


Native Missionary Movement

Native Missionary Movement is a church-planting movement in established in northern India. Started in the early 1970’s by Thomas and Mary Mathews, this ministry has reached out to over 200 major unreached People Groups and thousands of other ethnic groups with distinct socio- cultural identities and languages. Our workers take the Gospel and the love of Jesus to these groups who live in remote villages and towns, resulting in unprecedented church growth and transformation of lives.

Presently, NMM has over 250,000 people attending in over 1,300 churches throughout northern India. Other facets of the ministry include seven children’s homes, a bible college, five training centres for missionaries, and several private schools.

For more information about NMM, please go to: